Vehicle Bill of Sale

Owning a car in Alabama includes taking responsibility with numerous rules and regulations. Although every state is governed by their own car ownership laws, there are some transaction guidelines that remain uniform. One such transaction is called a vehicle bill of sale.


A vehicle bill of sale is defined as a transaction procedure between two individuals. If a person in Alabama is buying or selling a car to another individual, they will need to fill out this form.


This form does not display ownership of the car. Instead, the form acts as a record of the transaction between the parties involved. On this form there will be important information related to who the parties involved are and pertinent car information. In Alabama, the form needs to be filled out in the absence of that lack of a title.


The state of Alabama requires the vehicle form to include the date of the sale and the street addresses of the buyer and seller. If the seller is a car dealership, then the license number of the dealership is required. The amount of the transaction is also required on a bill of sale form. The mileage on the odometer at the moment of the sale is also required.


In detail, the vehicle of sale form must include the make, model, and year of the motor vehicle. It must also include the VIN number. A VIN number, also known as a Vehicle Identification Number, is a specific identification number for the motor vehicle. The VIN number includes several pieces of information, including car manufacturing information. By providing the VIN number on the form, various entities ranging from law enforcement to insurance companies will have important information about the car. Finally, there needs to be a notary signature to act as an official witness to the transaction.


An Alabama resident may wonder why so much information is required in these kind of car transactions. The reason is to protect the seller. Say a seller is going to sell their car to a buyer. Both parties fill out the paperwork fully and then the car is now in the hands of the buyer. But, after several weeks, the buyer has not registered the car or maybe even abandoned the car. The old seller becomes responsible for the car if something happens to their old car. By having the bill of sale, the seller and buyer can easily communicate with each other and be contacted if an issue arises.


The vehicle bill of sale form is an important documentation of transactions between a buyer and seller of a car. With this form, there is detailed information on the motor vehicle as well as contact information of the buyer and seller. All of this protects the parties involved and helps in the process of legally transacting the motor vehicle to a new owner.