Transfer Vehicle Title

The state of Alabama requires vehicles that are 35 or more model years old to be titled with the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division. There are multiple reasons you may need to transfer a vehicle’s title including selling a vehicle, buying a vehicle, inheriting a vehicle, or being new to the state.



Vehicle Transfer Requirements When New to the State

When you first move to Alabama, you should bring your current out-of-state title to your local MVD office. You’ll need to pay a transfer fee for the title. If your previous state of residence didn’t require a title, you can use your vehicle’s registration to prove your ownership. You should also have your vehicle with you because it may have to undergo a vehicle identification number inspection.


If you’re paying off a car loan, the vehicle will have a lien hold on it. You can’t receive a title for a vehicle with lien holds when the original title was issued to the lienholder rather than you.



Title Transfer Requirements When Buying a Vehicle

You’ll have a slightly different title transfer process depending on whether you purchase the vehicle from a private seller or licensed dealer.

Licensed dealers are able to process vehicle title transfers by themselves. You won’t have to do anything beyond signing the paperwork in order to receive the title.

However, if you’re buying the vehicle from a private seller, you should complete the following steps:


  • Complete all the required fields on the title certificate
  • Make sure the seller completes all required fields on the title certificate
  • Obtain a bill of sale from the seller
  • Submit the paperwork to your local MVD office


Title Transfer Requirements When Selling a Vehicle

If you sell your car, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to file the title transfer paperwork with their local MVD office. You are responsible for filling out all the required fields on the certificate of title as well as completing a bill of sale.


If you don’t have your original title certificate, you can pay a fee to order a duplicate.


Title Transfer Requirements when Gifting a Vehicle

Transferring a vehicle title for a gifted vehicle is very similar to the process for a vehicle transaction. The original vehicle owner acts as the seller, while the recipient acts as the buyer. You might be required to provide a notarized bill of sale or a gift affidavit. Requirements vary from county to county, so you should contact your local MVD office to inquire further.


Title Transfers for Inherited Vehicles


The process for transferring an inherited vehicle depends on the unique circumstances surrounding the inheritance. If you’ve inherited a vehicle which was part of an estate that does not require probate, the title can be transferred into your name through by completing the following steps:


  • Completing the fields on the title certificate regarding the purchaser and seller
  • Completing the relevant affidavit for the assignment of an inherited title
  • Submitting the paperwork to your local MVD office


If you need more information about transferring an inherited vehicle, you can call the MVD at 334-242-9000.



Title Transfer Fees

You’ll have to pay the following basic title fees:


  • A $15 fee for the title application
  • A $15 fee if you need to receive a duplicate title
  • A $1.50 fee for general processing


Some counties also have additional taxes. You should contact your local MVD office for information about county taxes.