Replace Car Registration

Alabama drivers are required to keep their owner registration papers in their vehicle at all times. Legible license plates must also be displayed. If you can’t present your registration papers when the vehicle is stopped, or you drive without a license plate, you could face fines or even have the vehicle impounded.

If you have a stolen or lost vehicle registration, you can request a replacement registration card through the Motor Vehicle Division. The MVD will then issue new papers.

If you have a stolen vehicle registration, make sure to file a police report before you visit the MVD. Bring a copy of the report with you when you make your replacement request.

How to Obtain a Vehicle Registration Replacement

To replace the vehicle’s registration stickers or registration papers, you’ll need to fill out an Application for Replacement Credentials. The form will require the following information:

  • Your vehicle registration information including your name, phone number, email address, and personal address
  • Your car’s vehicle identification number and plate number
  • A check mark beside the item you need replaced
  • An explanation of your replacement request
  • A signature

Submit the form at your local MVD office. You’ll have to provide personal identification like your driver’s license or passport. You may have to pay a replacement fee of $2.

Lost and stolen license plates are replaced using the same replacement request form. You may need to bring your vehicle title or registration to prove that you’re the current owner of the vehicle. If the license plate was damaged beyond legibility, you’ll also be required to surrender it to the MVD when you submit your application.

Reasons to Replace a Vehicle Registration

You’ll be required to provide an explanation for your replacement request. The following reasons are the most common:

  • Your registration was lost or stolen
  • Your registration has become mutilated or damaged (if this is the case, you’ll be required to surrender your damaged registration when you submit your application for a replacement)
  • Your registration has incorrect information on it
  • Your registration was lost through the mail or otherwise never received

Volunteer Fire Fighters and Government Employees

If you need to replace a firefighter or government vehicle registration, you’ll need to submit a different application specifying the replacement of government plates. The following information will be required:

  • Your registration information including your address, email address, phone number, and department name
  • Your vehicle’s VIN along with its license plate number
  • A checkmark indicating whether you need your registration or your license plate replaced
  • An explanation of the reason for your request
  • An authorized signature

You’ll also have to pay a fee for the replacement request. The request can either be delivered to your local MVD office in person or mailed to the address printed on the form.