Renew Drivers License

Having a valid driver’s license is a requirement for drivers in the state of Alabama, as well as all of the other states. When you receive your license for the first time, you need to take note of the date of expiration written on the license, and be sure to renew before that date arrives. Driving with an invalid license can result in fines if you are to get pulled over by a police officer.

The renewal process for a driver’s license is a simple process if you are educated before attempting to do it. Here are some key pointers on how to renew your driver’s license.

  1. Make Sure Your Current Status

If for some reason your current driver’s license is not in good standing or good status, you will not be able to renew. You need to make sure you are not suspended and make sure that none of the information on your license needs to be updated. If so, you need to do a license replacement instead of a license renewal.

  1. When To Renew

Your license will need to be renewed every 4 years. The Alabama DPS accepts renewal paperwork 180 days prior to expiration, so you don’t have to wait until the very last minute if you don’t want to. If for some reason your expiration date passes by and you did not notice the need for renewal, have no fear. You can still renew your license up to three years after the date without having to retake any driving or written exams.

You will receive a period of time where your license is still valid after the expiration date has passed. This period is 60 days following the date on your license. Make sure you are ready to renew every four years to ensure you always have a valid license on you at all times.

  1. Renewing By Mail

To renew your license by mail, you have to meet several requirements. If you are currently a member of the military, away from home while at college, or away from home on a business trip, you are eligible to renew via mail. You must fill out an application, send a money order or a check of $36.25 written to Driver License Division, have proof of your reason for not being in the state of AL (military or school ID will suffice), have access to your social security number.

Once you have all of the required paperwork and information together, you need to mail it to the following address:

Alabama Department of Public Safety

Driver License Division

P.O. Box 1417

Montgomery, AL 36102

  1. Renewing Online

Renewing online is a convenient method, but has strict requirements. You can only renew online every 8 years and you have to have a printer available to print your temporary license. Visit the Online Alabama Driver’s License Renewal website and follow the steps shown to renew your license.

  1. Renewing Face To Face

Renewing in person is the most common method used. Most of the time, you just need to show your current AL license and pay the required fee, wait for a print off of the temporary license and then you can be on your way. Sometimes, however, additional paperwork is required, so be sure to call ahead or take a copy of your social security card and birth certificate just to be prepared.

  1. Take Required Tests

Taking required tests is something you can expect every 4-8 years that you have to renew drivers license. They want to make sure your vision test is up to date to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

  1. Pay Your Fee

You will pay a fee of $36.25, get a print out of your temporary license, and you can expect your new, renewed license to arrive in the mail in several days.