Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

If you’re a newcomer to the state of Alabama who is also a motorist, you must meet its register out of state vehicle requirements. Your vehicle must have a clear title, and insurance is a must for all vehicles operating on the state’s roadways. The following rules apply to leased and non-leased vehicles.

Registering a Non-Leased Vehicle

All owners from out of state must show up at the county licensing office with the car’s title and an updated vehicle registration from the previous state of residence. If all owners cannot show up in person, it will be necessary to present a power of attorney.


You won’t have to undergo an emissions inspection for your vehicle in your new state, but you will have to have the Vehicle Identification Number inspected prior to registration. This is to ensure that the number is an exact match for that on the car’s title from your prior home state.


Next, you must pay the state’s vehicle registration fees. The amount that you’ll pay for a first-time registration will depend on the registration renewal month, any county surcharges, and your vehicle’s type and weight. Obviously, there’s a great weight difference between motorcycles, cars and trucks, so there will be a range of costs to consider. The Alabama DOR website can give a ballpark estimate of your potential registration fees.


Registering a Leased Vehicle from Out of State

You’ll still have to go to the county licensing office in this instance, but your actions will be different if you or, alternatively, the leasing company hold the vehicle’s title. You’re encouraged to call the county licensing office for clarification of the required registration steps. Their staff can tell you what paperwork to bring along with you to their location.


Military Personnel

If you happen to be a member of the military and you’re from out of state but stationed in Alabama, there are a few things to keep in mind. You won’t have to register your car in Alabama, but it’s imperative that you maintain an updated registration and vehicle insurance in your home state. Should you decide to register your vehicle in your new state after all, you may just go through each of the steps outlined above.


Upon completion of the registration process, you’ll get your state license plates, but remember that personalized license plates could take awhile to be delivered. Now you’re all set to drive without worry in Alabama.