Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Alabama is under the Insurance Law of Liability. The law dictates that motorcycle owners acquire a policy with various requirements including; $25000 cover for deaths or body injuries to an individual, $50000 cover for death or body injuries to two or more individuals and $25000 for causing harm and damage to property. These covers apply to other individuals when the fault is on your side. Alabama has come up with an approach describing limits of motorcycle insurance and verification online system. Insurance law of liability governing Alabama motorcycle maintain that no individual should do a registration and maintenance to a motor vehicle that is supposed to be used on the road except when it has an insurance policy of liability. If a motorist fails to observe the policy insurance, the motor vehicle is impounded. Some cases could make one face legal proceedings since Alabama state works in a system of determining who is at fault in case of an accident.




Alabama State requires that all motor riders use their motorcycles on roads frequently. It is required that, a motorcycle should have the following requirements in order to operate on the streets. They include

  1. Helmet-This is necessary for all the motor riders.


  1. Mirrors-A motorist should have not less than one mirror either on the left or right side.


  1. A seat for passenger and footrest- The two are necessary to promote comfort for the passengers.


  1. Headlights- This is important for regulating daylight.


  1. Muffler-A muffler is important for reducing noise




Alabama State requires only liability covers for motor vehicles. Some motorists prefer to get more covers. These coverages could include;


  1. Collision – This is a full coverage that offers protection to your bike irrespective of whose fault it is during accidents. This policy may include or not include uninsured or underinsured cover. It is always important to have this cover.


  1. Uninsured or underinsured motor riders- It is important to take this cover because 22 percent of the entire drivers as seen in the federal numbers have it. The cover ensures that you as a rider and motorcycle are entitled to maximum protection against a driver who is not insured. It is also useful when the driver’s cover who is at fault is inefficient for the damage caused.


  1. Comprehensive covers- In this type of cover, the motorists get protected from natural calamities such as; floods, strong winds, fire outbreaks willful damages and thefts.
  2. Body injuries- This cover caters for harm or damage to the body or in other cases deaths during and after accidents. This full coverage ensures passenger’s protection together with the rest of people in different vehicles.


  1. Payment for Medical cover- There is no difference between body injuries and the payment medical cover only that the latter covers exclusively the motorist. This cover caters for payments on drugs, dental health care, payments made alongside medical prescriptions and payments that can be deducted from other health insurances which may include home care or expenses incurred at funeral preparations.


  1. Accessories covers- Accessories found in ordinary motorbikes include; saddlebags, passenger and rider seats and chrome accessories but exclusive of the helmets. These items are extremely costly especially at instances when one runs into an accident and they get completely spoilt. It is therefore advisable to acquire a comprehensive cover to complement this accessories cover.


  1. Coverage of equipment –Some companies provide this cover though it comes included in other full coverages. However, with other companies, this product has to be purchased independently and it is offered only when it has been requested for.