Drivers License Change of Address

Drivers license and vehicle registration offices have been slowly recovering from a bad reputation for complicated forms, long waits, and poor customer service. However, many agencies, including the Alabama ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) have made major improvements in simplifying everyday tasks, such as change of address, and making this and other processes almost painless.

In the state of Alabama, a change of address occurs both in the form of a state system update and the revision of the physical state ID card or drivers license. Although it is not technically required to update ID cards along with a system update, it is strongly suggested. The process starts with the completion and submission of a DL-99 form, which can be obtained online or in person at an ALEA branch. The form requests some basic information to verify identity including name, date of birth, and the ID number of the current ID. The form also requires valid contact info, including daytime phone and email address. Lastly, the requester must affirm the request with dated signature. As a convenience, the bottom of the DL-99 form is an optional set of fields that allow the requester to update voter registration as well.

Completed and signed DL-99 forms must be submitted in person at an ALEA branch or by mail at the expense of the requester. Alabama state law mandates that residents of the state inform ALEA offices of an address change within 30 days of the address change. Because the law requires an original signature, submission of the DL-99 form by fax or email is not permitted.

Many will choose to also update their physical ID or license card along with the update of address. This transaction can only be performed in person at the probate judge or license commissioner’s office, or ALEA driver’s license testing facility. Replacement of state ID for change of address is subject to the same duplicate ID card fee assessed for lost, damaged, or otherwise replaced ID cards and drivers licenses.

In the case of marriage or divorce, change of address requests are commonly submitted in conjunction with a name change request. When requesting an address change with a name change, documentation must be submitted in person. This includes the DL-99 form, evidence of legal name change (marriage certificate, court decree, etc.) and proof of change with Social Security Administration. Requests for change are typically processed on the spot and new ID cards or drivers licenses will be returned by mail.