Whether you are renewing a driver’s license or registering a vehicle get the answer to all your questions regarding the process.  Be sure you know all necessary steps involved and the timeline for them to be completed. Select a service below to get further information:


Drivers License Renewal Eligibility

Alabama law requires that you renew your driver’s license every four years, just as many other states require. In Alabama drivers license and ID cards become eligible for renewal 180 days prior to the listed expiration date. There is also a non-refundable fee charged to your card for a license renewal. For Alabama services, only drivers license renewals or duplicates can be performed online. Other services must be completed in person.

Reasons For Driver’s License Renewal

The most common reasons for renewing your driver’s license are information updates and the end of the 4 year period in which the license is valid. You may also consider renewing if your license has been lost or stolen.

How to Renew Driver’s License Online

If you have an Alabama Drivers License you have some restrictions that you need to consider before you attempt to renew online. Mainly you may only renew your Alabama Drivers License once every eight years. In addition, you cannot renew commercial driver’s licenses or temporary driver’s license. Alabama Driver’s licenses can be renewed without examination within three years after initial expiration but will need a full renewal four years from the original expiration date.

Alabama Law grants drivers a 60 day grace period after the expiration of a drivers license for the purpose of license renewal.



Obtain New Drivers License

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Drivers License Name Change

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ID Card

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