Change Vehicle Registration Address

In the state of Alabama, automotive laws not only require that you title your vehicle, register it with the state, and keep the registration and title documentation in the vehicle with you at all times […]


Vehicle Registration Renewal

If you need vehicle registration renewal in Alabama, there are several steps to follow. The process can be simplified, though, so long as you know which documents you’ll need ahead of time. It’s also helpful […]

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Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

If you’re a newcomer to the state of Alabama who is also a motorist, you must meet its register out of state vehicle requirements. Your vehicle must have a clear title, and insurance is a […]


Replace Car Registration

Alabama drivers are required to keep their owner registration papers in their vehicle at all times. Legible license plates must also be displayed. If you can’t present your registration papers when the vehicle is stopped, […]


Change Vehicle Registration Name

Do you need to change the name on an Alabama vehicle registration? Whether you’ve gotten married, divorced, or changed your legal name for some other reason, having the correct name is a vehicle registration requirement. […]


New Registration

To be legal on AL roadways, you need to have more than just a driver’s license. That is why you must first receive a vehicle registration before getting behind the wheel of your automobile. Registering […]

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