7 Tips For Selling a Vehicle Private Sale

Need to get rid of your old car and need to make quick cash? Selling your vehicle in a private sale may be the right option. Thanks to the Internet, you can find buyers that are willing to take your car off your hands for a nice lump sum. However, getting your car off the market will require a bit more effort than a single post on Craigslist.



Selling Your Car Online

If you’re looking into using a private sale to get rid of your vehicle, you may find that it’s more difficult than you had hoped. Read on for tips to ensure that potential buyers are responding to your posts, leading you to the best price and a great deal for both parties.



  1. Commit to the Deal

Selling a car privately requires pure dedication. While it may seem like a good idea to take a passive role in selling your vehicle, this will more than likely prevent your deal from ever going through. The secret to a successful sale is putting in your full amount of effort every step of the way. Use sites like eBay Motors, LetGo.com, Craigslist.com, Facebook’s marketplace, and similar sites to find local buyers for your vehicle.



  1. Research the Right Price

The price that you choose to sell your car for should be given careful consideration. Carefully determine what price will be fair, as well as what an interested buyer might want to pay. Depending on the type of care you have, you will likely have to compete with thousands of other vehicles that are posted on similar sites. This is why it is important for you to choose a price that is both reasonable and competitive.



  1. Write an Eye-Catching Description

As potential buyers peruse through the various vehicle listings, your description is what will work to pull them to you. Write about all the best features of your car as well as what someone else may be interested in.



  1. Use Keywords in Your Headlines

Keywords are what people will use to find the specific vehicle that they are interested in. Oftentimes, the best keywords to use are uber-popular words like “awesome sound system” or “great mileage”. When used in your headline, interested buyers will be directed to your online listing.



  1. The More Photos, the Better

Visuals are king on the Internet and will always help make buyers more interested in the product. When taking photos of your vehicle, be sure to capture the vehicle in good lighting. Make an effort to drive your car to a nice location, taking advantage of the parks, beaches, and nice driveways around you.



  1. Respond to Interested Potential Buyers

Interested buyers may contact you by text, email, or phone call. While it can be time consuming (and even annoying) to answer all of them, doing so will be the best way to guarantee a sale. With all of the competition on the Internet, an interested buyer will soon move on if you are unresponsive.



  1. Verify the Method of Payment

To stay safe from any potential scams, be sure to verify an interested buyer’s method of payment before signing your title over.

Selling your vehicle privately can be very rewarding, particularly after the transaction is completed. Follow these seven steps to make sure your sale goes through.