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Obtain New Drivers License

If you just started driving, or just moved from out of state, you will need a valid Alabama driver’s license to legally travel on the many roads that the state has to offer. There are […]


Drivers License Name Change

Before changing your name on your driver’s license in the state of Alabama, you need to visit your Social Security Administration office first. Having an updated social security card will be necessary in the process […]


ID Card

A standard ID (valid for 4 years) costs $36.25. Renewal fee: $36.25 Replacement fee: $36.25, $5.50 for residents 62 and older There are no age requirements. Anyone with a required Social Security card and the […]


Drivers License Change of Address

Drivers license and vehicle registration offices have been slowly recovering from a bad reputation for complicated forms, long waits, and poor customer service. However, many agencies, including the Alabama ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) have […]